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Human Resources

Kering’s approach to human resources is founded on two principles: We Care and We Dare. These principles are brought to life through our commitment to creating a work environment that is conducive to well-being and fulfillment and to fostering an entrepreneurial culture, with progressive people policies in talent development, people engagement and the promotion of inclusion and diversity.
We Care: cultivating well-being and fulfillment for all
The importance of care in Kering’s human resources policy is reflected first and foremost in the attention paid to employees, a recruitment policy that favors diversity, an inclusive context, and a culture that encourages imagination and audacity. The Group is committed to creating an environment that fosters the development of talent: awareness of diversity, innovative and ambitious parental leave policies, dynamic career management—notably through internal mobility—and preserving the balance between professional and private life.

In recognition of its employees and their contributions to the Group’s collective performance, in 2022 Kering launched KeringForYou across eight key markets, which gave eligible employees the opportunity to become Kering shareholders on preferential terms. The response was positive: 31% of Kering’s employees participated in the first campaign.

Care is also expressed in the relationships Kering forges with local communities. Employee volunteering programs such as Giving Back and Gucci Changemakers strengthen these ties while enabling Kering to respond to employees’ increasing expectations for purpose and meaning at work.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Kering always strives to offer a stimulating work environment that fosters well-being and affords meaningful opportunities for growth. For example, employees can access the Group’s new digital training platform with more than 350 learning programs and personalized learning paths based on employee profile. Transparency in job openings, accelerated career advancement opportunities, managerial training, first-hand accounts from employees who have transferred, and pooled talent processes across Houses have made it possible to increase internal mobility rotation by more than 20% since the new policy was introduced in late 2021.
As an employer, Kering is committed to providing its employees with a caring, diverse, and inclusive work environment while encouraging autonomy, risk-taking, and creativity.
We Dare: fast-tracking diversity and inclusion
Convinced that diversity enhances creativity, innovation and performance, Kering is firmly committed to increasing inclusion and diversity. Its bold and frequently pioneering strategy focuses on six priorities: gender parity; culture and ethnicity; gender identity and LGBTQIA+; disability; socio-economic background; and a multigenerational workplace. In 2022, Kering appointed three regional Inclusion and Diversity Managers to better address local contexts. As a result, our operations in the United States, for example, prioritized cultural and ethnic diversity as well as gender identity. Meanwhile, France made commitments to generational diversity in 2022 by signing two charters: 10 Commitments to Enhance the Role of Employees Over 50 and a partnership agreement to assist younger generations and differently abled or special needs candidates with job placement.

A forerunner in gender equality, Kering and its Houses continue to develop in-house tools such as the Kering Parity Index which tracks the progress, at House and Group level, of the various inclusion measures introduced and identifies areas for improvement.

In 2022, Kering also launched the Women In Luxury initiative, an in-house network that champions gender equality and empowers all employees—especially women—to bolster their personal network within the company.